Current assistant principal and the new Principal of Madison #1 beginning the 2021-2022 school year!  Pam Waren, the current principal, will be in this online room too! Ms. Warren has been the principal for Madison #1 for the past eight years.

5th/6th Language Arts and Social Studies
5th Grade REACH Science
5th & 6th grade REACH Math
6th grade REACH Social Studies
6th Grade REACH Science

Lisa Vaaler

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Sarah Irizarry

Enid Heilman

Spanish 1st through 4th grade

Amy Heinlein


Kate Andreasen

3rd & 4th grade English & Social Studies
3rd & 4th grade Math & Science
7th & 8th REACH Social Studies

Antonio Mitchell

Amanda Morari

7th & 8th grade 
English Language Arts
1st & 2nd Grade

  Marianne Hanson Although Ms. Hanson will no longer be teaching REACH math, here is a video describing 5th grade REACH mathematics.  You can speak to Ms. Miller tonight if you have any further questions.

Ellen Miller

Dru Martin

Spanish is no longer required at the middle school level (grades 5th-8th).  Although Ms. Morales is not here tonight, here is a preview what you can expect if your child decides to take the Spanish Acquisition class

Mr. George

Hi, I am Mr. George.  I am the Director for Signature Programs for the Madison School District.  We  will be hosting a live interactive REACH Open House on Wednesday, April 21st.  Until then, feel free to watch these admin/teacher/parent videos talk about our wonderful program!  On the night of our open house, join any of the google meets to talk to a staff member, a parent or a student!   

Welcome To REACH

Amy Ball

Megan Florendo

Jessie Morales

Lindsay Roof

Priscilla Gossett

Principal of Madison Heights

Middle School Parent

Live links will be available Wednesday, April 21st 

from 6:00 - 7:00 pm

Chandra Reilly

Kristy Bottesch

Current 7th & 8th grade REACH Science teacher

Erica Welch

REACH Parent of a 4th grader

Rhonda Sobon

Current 7th & 8th grade Algebra & Geometry teacher

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